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Hi everyone, it’s always amazing to make portraits with charcoals and a good quality charcoal makes the process extraordinarily delightful. I always craved for some better quality of charcoal and the charcoal available in market is little costly for any beginner so they always stay away from it and so did i. This made me venture out in woods and study about the plants that i can use and make artist charcoal. And after almost two years I made for myself a best output I could achieve and now after using it for around one year i am very much sure everyone would love it.

My sketches on instagram are made from my own charcoal. The aim of selling this charcoal is to make a available a better quality charcoal at reasonable rates. I believe charcoal is better medium for beginners and they can erase it as much as they want and make corrections. They can also practice bargue and make hyper realistic portraits. It has a wider range of application.

Qualities of this charcoal stick

# It’s natural charcoal

# 0.5 tip achievable

# Better Darkness and good smudging quality

# Charcoal stick is not easily brittle

# HB quality

# Indian Make

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